Bridging the Digital Divide with MS-CIT

Humanity has progressed from agricultural revolution to the industrial revolution and is now moving to an information revolution. The 21st century has brought with itself the information technology revolution which has given rise to a globally connected knowledge society. The assimilation and dissemination of information in the form of actionable knowledge in this new digital revolution has become a mandatory skill to enable self development and ensure survival. With over 90% of this knowledge being generated digitally and collaboratively, the ability to use new digital technologies is, therefore, critical for developing and accessing new actionable knowledge and accessing new careers and opportunities. Those who are denied access to the information technology are thus deprived of the opportunities of the new world and face the crisis of Digital Divide leading to a Knowledge Divide and resulting in an Opportunity Divide. In order to bridge the digital divide, bring the common people closer to the ethos and opportunities of the knowledge society and knowledge-led economy and with a view to bringing the real fruits of Information technology to the masses for their survival, development and empowerment, MKCL conducts Maharashtra State- Certificate in Information Technology (MS-CIT) course in the state of Maharashtra, since 2002. MS-CIT attempts to propagate IT Awareness, IT Literacy, IT Competencies and IT Applicability among the common people with a view to bridge the Digital Divide and the resultant Knowledge Divide and Development Opportunity Divide. MS-CIT has thus emerged as a gateway to the knowledge society with new careers and global development opportunities. Having parity with international standards like such as Microsoft Standards, International Computer Driving License (ICDL), European Computer Driving License (ECDL), National Educational Technology Standards, ISTE Standards, Global Digital Literacy Course Standards MS-CIT is truly a comprehensive world class course in information technology. With more than 1.18 crore [11.8 million] learners enrolled in the course during the past 17 years, MS-CIT is truly leading the information technology revolution promoting digital citizenship. MKCL’s IT literacy course has many versions outside Maharashtra such as BS-CIT in Bihar, HS-CIT in Haryana,OS-CIT in Odisha, KLiC-IT in India and MICIT in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.